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The premise of our service is that our business and private clients can achieve more favourable rates of exchange by leveraging our relationships with FCA regulated non-bank payment institutions.  Around this core we gently wrap a personalised plan devised to make it easier, quicker and cheaper to conduct currency exchange transactions.

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When you are ready, your personal broker quotes you a 'live' rate of exchange and then invites you to settle your trade through your dedicated account held with one of our FCA-regulated e-money partners.
Clients can transact via secure mobile or desk-top platforms hosted by our regulated partner.  Alternatively, you can transact direct with your broker by phone or email.

All online and verbally provided rates of exchange and settlement terms are bespoke and specifically tailored to you.


Increasingly, our clients are familiar with a cross-section of non-bank currency service providers and processes. 


Clients are aware of the more competitive margins and speedier execution baked in to the sector.  We are therefore driven to offer a multi-dimensional yet thoughtful and personalised service.

We value collaboration and work closely with our professional services and regulated peers in the UK and overseas to ensure seamless synergy between critical transaction requirements and the nuances of client preference.

Prime Cap works with a diverse portfolio of clients with a range of requirements. Every brief is different and we make sure we fully understand your objectives before we suggest a personalised solution. 

Our telephone number is +44 (0) 203 417 5781.

Latest Case Studies

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A precise buying timeline and finite budget, how crucial are timing and strategy when buying abroad?

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Buy when the rate is with you; release funds when the deadline looms. Can you rely on your broker to execute both?

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