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Vivre La France

Case Study:
Vivre La France
When pitted against a retail banking institution the leverage we can exert on our market-makers all but guarantees a saving for our client, but, not every clients banks with a retail financial institution. This means that we are not always challenged to undercut a less than competitive retail margin.

A number of our clients engage us, or are introduced to us, because we can be precise to the minute with the releasing of money to our client's nominated beneficiary. This is particularly useful when dealing with the the more rigid property buying processes of countries like France because French notaires can be sticklers for diligence, allowing sufficient time and preparation on the part of the purchaser.

Our client sought to use us for the transmission of euros to the notaire charged with dealing with their purchase on the Côte d'Azur. We were engaged after the initial 10% deposit had been sent.

Such is the flexibility with which can operate, our client was prepared to leave his exchange until the day before his completion was scheduled, because he was confident we could have the notaire's account credited in time for his, the client's, in person arrival at the contract signing.

This matter relied less on the saving we could afford the client, although a £26,000 hair-cut was welcome, and more on the additional time our clearing processes gave the client. He wanted to see what would happen with the rate of exchange and our involvement in the purchase meant he could.
Transaction Amount:
Transaction Type:
Property Purchase
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Prime Cap Saving:
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