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Since 2017 we have been trusted brokers to private clients and businesses with complex currency needs, in good times and in bad.  We offer a narrow range of specialist currency and international payment services primarily linked to property-related transactions.  Buying, selling or developing property in the UK or overseas, it pays to have a currency specialist on your side - currency brokers who can help you navigate the complexities and clearly guide you forward.

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Solutions, both tailored and complete.

Prime Cap was incorporated in May, 2017.  It has evolved and grown over the years and today offers both private and business foreign currency exchange and international payment services, completely tailored to you.

At Prime Cap, relationships are more than everything; they motivate our people and define our approach.  Through our process-knowledge, understanding of the currency markets and the trust placed in us by our clients and intermediaries, we help you refine and improve the way you move and exchange your money.

Having the right expertise on hand to minimise and manage risk, while operating on the tightest FX margins, relies on a dynamic, personal approach – a tailored service that connects you directly to the currency markets.

In recognition of our exceptional service, we are the proud winner of the Worldwide Finance Awards “Private Client FX Broker of the Year” 2022.

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Whether buying, selling, renting or managing real-estate assets, our highly experienced and discreet team of brokers are at your beck and call to guide, assess and instruct.

As your personal currency brokers, we select the most jurisdictionally appropriate regulated provider for your transaction and then walk you step-by-step through the exchange rate quoting, transaction booking, and deal settlement processes - an approach that is specifically designed to optimise value.


Living, working, studying or earning in a different country to your asset base?

Whether for day-to-day personal liquidity, or simply repatriating funds held in a foreign currency, put simply, our services ensure you retain more of your money.

The personal payments market is constantly evolving, so, we make sure to give you guidance appropriate to your objectives even if we are not the best way of achieving them.  This may mean impartially suggesting other providers for things like smaller exchanges or bureau de change.


Prime Cap serves as the preferred currency broker to a number of UK and overseas businesses operating both within and outside the residential property sector. 

The extremely competitive rates of exchange we can secure for all our clients are just as valuable for corporate currency payments as they are for personal ones; we invite you to contact us if you would like to learn more.

Prime Cap works with a diverse portfolio of clients with a range of requirements. Every brief is different and we make sure we fully understand your objectives before we suggest a personalised solution. 

Our telephone number is +44 (0) 203 417 5781.

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Thanks for joining.

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