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#KBB: Kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms - are you buying from abroad?

Whether a purveyor of ceramics, glass, brass, chrome or brushed steel, selling directly to retail customers or buying product wholesale, the principles of good currency practise apply across the board and #KBB is no different.

You want an easy and intuitive process?

Absolutely the most competitive rate of exchange?

Point of sale insight and advice?

Flexibility on forward buying terms?

Speedy settlement that communicates with both you and your supplier?


Luckily for you, Prime Cap offers all of the above as standard.


But, those 'long in the market' when it comes to KBB will already have been contacted by a currency broker and, more often than not, will be using one.


So, why would you consider a move?

...because businesses and services change.


Sometimes, having noticed that you are happy with the way they ask you to instruct a transaction, currency companies simply widen their own margin when providing you with a rate.

So familiar and comfortable are you with the requirement to email your dedicated broker, or indeed logging in to organise a payment, you may take your eye off the rate.

It might only be a difference of fractions of a percent on the rate/margin, but, in your line of work you probably make payments bi-monthly, so, those fractional differences can add up.


Prime Cap sets the lowest rate we can affordably conduct your exchange at as the default setting for your online platform with us.

Whilst our brokers are there behind the scenes to oversee the process of inputting the transaction, our front of house team does not have the authority or permission to change that online rate. What we quote you will remain just as competitive ad infinitum - always.


It is important that time is taken to explain how to get the most out of a currency company like us. We don't want value left on the table.

Once a business has registered as a client with us we will dedicate our first conversations to taking you and your team through the inputting of a transaction and the other elements of our online platform that will serve to enhance your experience and optimise value.


Any and all of the suppliers you work with can be uploaded and logged on our online system.

So, rather than having to trawl through your invoices to find their bank details, you simply select them from a logged drop-down menu.


If you'd like to you can include your supplier in the payment receipt email.

This means that when your foreign currency leaves us, your supplier will also be notified - this is particularly useful when suppliers won't release a shipment until they see proof of payment; they can receive that proof of payment the moment funds are sent.