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The Prime Cap Daily.

Bored of very dry 'macro-focussed' assessments of what went on yesterday and what fathomable and unfathomable outcomes might arise from global butterfly effects across the capital markets - we have decided to bring you a short two minute overview of what we will be talking to our customers about, briefly where major rates of exchange find themselves and what could prove pivotal to the value of the pound in the coming days if not hours.

We're aware that, without consistent subscribers, The Prime Cap Daily may simply end up being a video diary and little more than indulgent folly, but, customers do call us to talk through their options and what rates are doing, so it makes sense to provide you with access to our initial thoughts before the day gets going.

Added to which, we will start adding in little asides about how someone (business or individual) might actually use information and our products/contracts when they're considering their currency exchanges.

We have already had a number of requests for elaboration as to how an improvement in the value of the pound can be made use of for companies buying, on a daily basis, we want you to come away with a sense of how we would advise you to approach your exchange.


You won't find us suggesting you should wait till tomorrow because we think the rate will be better, but you may find our thoughts on the relative strengths and weaknesses of certain currencies useful whether or not to exchange them; and for something more details you just need to give us a ring.

Our YouTube channel - The Prime Cap Daily - also carries 'How to...' videos on making a payment, what we use our own Data Centre for and, in due course, explanations as to how to marry data releases against the use of contracts like forwards.

We'll always advocate picking up the telephone to us, especially if something we've talked about in a morning broadcasts needs to be explained further, but, at least now you can get a wee overview of some of the key talking points without having to sift through the dry broadsheets, or rolling your eyes at how little information is contained in the Metro on your commute to work.

Happy hunting and CLICK to Subscribe here:

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