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Does your business have foreign currency traffic? If so we might be the right partner for you...

When we say 'foreign currency traffic' you would be forgiven for thinking that we are asking whether your business is engaged in the exchange of currencies. Of course, were it, we would be interested in speaking with you, but, the focus of this post is to discuss the ways in which we can assist and work with business who encounter businesses and individuals that do engage in such currency dealings.

During the course of your day to day business, does your company come across those who send, receive, hold or exchange currencies?

If the answer is yes then we are minded to ask whether you feel that your good counsel is what those customers rely on during the course of your dealings with them?

Again, if the answer is yes, then we would ask you to consider the below example.

We have taken one of the more common examples that it is our prerogative to use.

An individual or a corporate entity buying a property valued at £2,000,000 but funding the purchase with a foreign currency could save in the region of €30,000 (if we suppose they are funding the purchase with euros) simply because of the improvements we can offer on the rate of exchange at which the conversion of funds occurred.

If your business encounters or deals with private clients or business involved in transaction so of this size, or larger or indeed smaller, then we can provide a measurable saving to them simply by applying a refined margin versus their retail banking or transaction channel.

We would ask whether that sounds appealing...however, the appeal of a saving when hypothetical isn't half as compelling as asking your to qualify what value that sort of saving might hold for your client.

If you are their route to such a saving, then, are you not imbued with being worth that sum in addition to the services you already provide?

One of the main reasons why Prime Cap came into being is because we felt that too much money is being left on the table by private clients and businesses when engaged in larger ticket, less frequent currency exchange transactions.

Our target market were not being presented with related comparisons and figures against which to judge our worth and, furthermore, the value of our work to those who might refer us to their clients was not at the forefront.

Prime Cap would rather work with a business that deals with our target market and enhance their value as well as demonstrate our own, as opposed to paying to market ourselves directly to prospective client. Through a bespoke model or partnership, price and product we can reach more clients and elevate the value of our partners too...making an alignment with Prime Cap a true win for all.

If you would like to discuss this in more detail then please do message us directly through or email

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