Jamie and his team cut their teeth at some of Europe's foremost currency houses, advising international 'high-net-worth' private and non-UK corporate clients on UK and European property acquisitions and disposals.

Our team's broad exposure to both main-stream and niche FX operations means we can finesse terms and trim spreads so as to both undercut and outperform the largest and smallest names in currency, globally.

Our active 'portfolio' (which in the context of 'deliverable currency' means the usual type of client we work with) is weighted more towards property related transactions for private-clients and property and interiors focussed businesses, but, we are open and very happy to consult on any brief or matter where we might add value. 




We work with a number of London's top private client and high-net-worth focussed real-estate and professional services firms.  

Our objective is simple - to provide optimal, multi-dimensional value and tailored, pertinent resources; mutual peer-support is both a privilege and the most effective way of cementing long-term reciprocal relationships with our partners.

Relationships and partnerships (formal or informal) with advisers to individuals, families and business owners with 'global currency footprints' are the only channels through which we engage new business and with new prospective clients.



Almost all brokers working to the traditional structure for a 'currency company' rely on just one banking institution to provide the all-important segregated client accounts needed to execute a transaction.  We think this set-up both risky and costly because, as many currency companies found after 2010, a bank can withdraw their favour and facilities almost on a whim.

...and so,

We only work with FCA 'Authorised Payment Institutions'.  All of whom provide us with access to wholesale currency rates and all of which provide us with dedicated, segregated, regulated domestic and non-UK client-trust accounts.  Strength through diversification.

The relationships we enjoy are hard won and in some cases unique to Prime Cap which is why we shout long and loud about being both independent (we are not tied to one market-maker) and boutique - our founders own us and we don't deal in any other financial services or instruments.

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Our two principal market-makers for 'major currencies' are Ebury Partners and Currency Cloud.  These wholesalers do not offer services to retail customers directly, so, they rely on brokers like us for their market access.  We work with market-makers most appropriately equipped to serve our clients' needs and constantly scrutinise the suitability of our partners to ensure we have comprehensive coverage.

Working so closely with the Authorised Payment Institutions we use provides us with benefits that a broker clearing their own trades through their bank might not enjoy.  For one thing, our overheads are significantly lower which partly explains how we consistently seem able to undercut larger organisations. 

Every prospective client is invited to put that assertion to the test before formally engaging our services.


Whether for personal, familial or business dealings, our clients are all considering or engaged in exchanges of currency directly or by proxy and with varying degrees of complexity.

Prime Cap will not be the first company you see listed when you search for 'international currency exchange' on Google.  This is how we like it.  We purposefully avoid search engine and comparison site advertising/positioning because, not only do we think reputation a far stronger lure, but, costs like that would inevitably have to influence how we price our services.

All of our precious clients come to us through word-of-mouth - referred by either a professional or business service provider, or an existing client.  The only place we pay to advertise is the private listings network 'Radio H-P'.

"...a currency trader whose unique proposition is that they can conduct business in a volatile and emotive arena in a most professional manner whilst providing a personalised service unique to the relationship they have with each of their clients."  


N.Caygill | Private Client | Sydney

"No matter when and what the request, Prime Cap has been so prompt and courteous during our interactions that we would absolutely recommend their service above other routes of transferring money internationally. After a lot of research into available routes we are certain we made the right choice."   

S.Holme | Private Client | London

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