Are we the right broker for you?

A broker is a business like Prime Cap which sits between you and a regulated financial institution and arranges, negotiates or 'brokers' the sale and exchange of the currency you hold.  We make sure the rate of exchange you can access is live, can be booked in real-time and is appropriate for your needs.

Prime Cap does not hold client money.  Our role is to negotiate the rate of exchange our clients can use and to then guide them through the process of settling and completing a transaction; this is a service we have been providing for nearly 15 years.

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Whether buying, selling, renting or managing real-estate assets, our highly experienced and discreet team of brokers are at your beck and call to guide, assess and instruct.

As your personal currency brokers we personally introduce you to the most appropriate regulated provider for your transaction and then walk you step-by-step through the exchange rate quoting, transaction booking and deal settlement process.


Living, working, studying or earning in a different country to your asset base?  Whether for day-to-day personal liquidity, or simply repatriating money held in a foreign currency, our personalised services ensure you retain more of your money.

The payments market is constantly changing and developing, so, we make sure to give you guidance appropriate to your objectives even if that means outlining the benefits of peers catering for other niches within the personal payments industry.

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Prime Cap's primary focus is private client, property-related currency services, however, we do serve as currency broker for a number of UK businesses.  The extremely competitive rates of exchange we can secure for our clients are just as valuable and useful for corporate currency payments as they are for personal ones; we invite you to contact us if you would like to learn more.

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Prime Cap works with a diverse portfolio of clients with a range of requirements. Every brief is different and we make sure we fully understand your objectives before we suggest a personalised solution. 

Our telephone number is +44 (0) 203 417 5781.